The Cannon Commitment

The Cannon Commitment

The Cannon Building Tools of Construction:
Leadership, Knowledge & Integrity

Tim Cannon

Tim J. Cannon founded Cannon Building in 1994 with a vision of excellence and the mission to Build Beyond Expectations. Tim’s years of extensive construction and engineering experience, and his reputation as a leader with knowledge and integrity were key in securing Cannon Building’s first client—Torrance Memorial Medical Center. Today, Cannon Building has completed major projects in its four core markets of Life Science, Commercial/Institutional, Healthcare, and Industrial construction throughout Southern California and Arizona.

Cannon Building’s intuitive understanding of the Environment of Care led to its success in the life science and biopharmaceutical construction market. The company completed its first critical plant shutdown for B. Braun in 1998, and today has executed more than 30 critical plant shutdowns for life sciences companies.

Cannon Building’s work speaks for itself, and Tim J. Cannon prefers it that way. Rather than tout the awards we have won or the size of the buildings we have built, judge us by the standards we have set for ourselves: To build beyond your expectations with leadership, knowledge, and integrity.

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