SR Technics

SR Technics – Jet Retrofit Center

Palmdale, California

SR Technics is a leading provider of technical solutions for airlines worldwide. The company assures customer airlines that there will be aircraft ready and available to fly to and from any destination—around the clock, around the globe.

Cannon Building retrofitted a previous B-1 Bomber manufacture site for use as a passenger retrofit center to cargo operation. Construction included a main hanger fuel occupancy retrofit, utility infrastructure installation and tenant build-out. Cannon also performed an interior retrofit of the manufacture support building. The new configuration allows for six jets to be worked on simultaneously with a new full jet run-up area created outside.

Key features of the SR Technics project include:

  • 6 Bay Jet Manufacturing Space
  • Fueled Occupancy Retrofit
  • Jet Run-Up Area
  • Manufacture Support Building Retrofit
  • Tenant Improvement Build-out
  • Utility Infrastructure installation