LEED Construction & Sustainability

LEED Construction & Sustainability


Construction and Sustainability

Cannon Building believes the building choices we make are not just for today. We encourage buildings that are environmentally responsible places to do business. Cannon Building operates with a pro-environmental mindset and encourages the integration of sustainable design and green building.

LEED Accredited Professionals

The Cannon Building team includes LEED Accredited Professionals, and we invest in their continued education to maintain accreditation. Credential maintenance is not only required to sustain certification, but vital to the ever-changing demands and conditions of our environment.

Sustainable Practices

In addition to being LEED accredited professionals and constructing green buildings, Cannon Building is dedicated to incorporating green practices throughout our organization. Our company-wide environmentally-friendly initiatives include:

  • Carpool Incentives Programs
  • Company-Wide Recycling Programs
  • Energy-efficient Company Vehicles
  • Jobsite Trailers Retrofitted with Energy Efficient Equipment
  • Monitored Energy and Reduced Consumption Systems
  • Reduction and Recycling of Construction Waste
  • Support of our Employees in Pursuing LEED Accredidation
  • Use of Green Office Supplies
  • Water Reduction and Management Tools

Cannon Building trains its employees in green building practices because we believe the future of sustainability relies heavily on the knowledge of viable environmentally-friendly alternatives for building design and development.