Our Safety Mission

Our Safety Mission


At Cannon Building - Safety is our Mission

When Cannon Building uses the phrase, “Putting Safety First”, we mean it. Our safety record proves it. Cannon Building's Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is .77, markedly lower than the 1.0 Industry average. Cannon Building, has maintained a spotless safety record for the last three years with both a 0% Incident Rate and 0% Lost Work Day Rate. Our emphasis on project safety has given us an edge as an Industry safety leader.

Cannon Building is an ISNetworld “A-Rated” General Contractor. ISNetworld is a global resource for connecting corporations in capital-intensive industries with safe, reliable contractors/suppliers. They have taken the guesswork out of selecting a quality contractor. ISNetworld has verified the accuracy of our safety, procurement, sustainability, quality and regulatory records, giving us the highest possible ranking—100% in all categories.

Cannon Building has achieved its outstanding safety record while building in high risk environments that require astute attention to all details and risk factors. These include:

  • 24-Hour Plant Shutdowns & Turnarounds
  • BioPharm & BioTech Labs
  • GMP, FDA Regulated Manufacturing Plants
  • In-Session Educational Facilities
  • Life Science Facilities
  • OSHPD Healthcare Facilities
  • Seismic Retrofits

You can count on our superintendents having OSHA 30 and Competent Persons Certifications as well as a full list of training in other areas.

Cannon Building begins each project with a Site Specific Safety Plan designed to identify potential risk and eliminate safety hazards. Our employees and subcontractors attend safety kick-off meetings prior to beginning every project. Daily walks and weekly jobsite safety inspections enforce the plan. In addition, Cannon Building hires third party independent consultants to perform random job site inspections and to evaluate our safety practices in the field.

At Cannon Building, we continually strive to keep the job environment safe, identify risks and find ways to eliminate them. Our safety plan is constantly being monitored to ensure new standards are being met and proactive steps are being taken to comply in all areas.